Advanced Training For
Counselling Ministry

An intermediate course for those who want to increase their understanding of various models of biblical counseling.

Training and Equipping You to minister Healing and Restoration

This is an intermediate course, focusing on a deeper understanding of relationships and looking at how to strengthen our true self and eliminating what blocks us from developing a healthy Christian identity. It introduces different counseling models and tools to fight dysfunctional lifestyles and false beliefs.

Would you like to disciple and strengthen others and be better equipped to come alongside those who are broken in some areas of their life? This school will challenge you in how you see God, yourself and others and equip you with tools and insights of how to develop the full potential of what God has put in each one of us. You will be challenged to develop and practice your personal integrated counseling approach.

School Details


April 29, 2021 – Sept. 19, 2021


Lecture: USD 1,500 (Covers tuition, housing, meals and outreach within Ghana)

Student would bear visa and flight related charges for Outreach outside Ghana.


Offered In: Bilingual (English/French)


A successfully completed DTS and Foundations of Counselling Ministr


Personal Development

The student will learn an experiential understanding of Grace: developing a personal revelation of the reality of God’s grace, and the ability to extend that grace to others. Healthy relationships and developing a mature Christian Identity, are emphasized.

Skill Development

The student will learn how to: express warmth, respect and empathy in inter-personal relationships; develop active listening skills; use the tool of Biblical belief renewal for personal development and apply this to others; pray for healing etc.

Cognitive Development

The student will learn God’s character in relation to counseling; the work of the Cross and the work of the Holy Spirit in bringing redemption and forgiveness; the believer’s identity in Christ; repentance and forgiveness and their relation to maturity; 

Program Details


Completion of a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS). It helps to have some ministry experience and spiritual/emotional maturity. 

Payment Plan

Deposite of 50% before or on arrival for school. Week 8 80% paid off. Week 12 100% paid off before outreach. 


You will be staying in dorm style housing which is only 15 minutes drive from town


April 29 – Sept. 19, 2021; plan on arriving any time from April 25, 2020. The base would host you for a small fee, no need to book accommodation outside campus


12 weeks for lecture phase with 8 weeks of outreach. Your leaders will determine the location when you arrive.


$1,650. Includes all lodging, meals, and school materials. The optional outreach is typically $550 plus airfare. Making a total of $2,200.

If you’ve prayed and you believe the Lord is asking you to join us, Kindly consider these also and ponder over it while you prepare

For whom is this school?

This intensive course is designed for those who are or plan to be involved in some kind of counseling ministry and have demonstrated a basic ability and understanding in the area of counseling.

The course has a threefold purpose:

  1. To build upon and increase one’s understanding of counseling and its Biblical foundation.

  2. To teach and enhance counseling skills.

  3. To foster personal development of character qualities necessary for a Christian counselor.

we would love to have you!